SCMP:Hong Kong rolls out new trash cans to stop bin-raiding wild boars and monkeys on the city fringe

Newly designed rubbish bins will be rolled out across some of Hong Kong’s urban residential areas to stop raiding by wild boars and monkeys.

About 90 bins have been placed in 40 locations across eight districts by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). The department has been working with Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2017 on designs that prevent the wild animals from rummaging through garbage.

“The testing location is near urban fringe areas, because in recent years we found that more and more animals like to go to urban areas to scavenge for garbage scraps,” said Chan Po-lam, conservation officer at the AFCD.

The HK$1 million pilot programme will include three new bins designed to prevent wild boars from tipping them over by force, and to stop monkeys from opening their lids. Wheel locks and railings will help secure the bin to the ground.